Okay. Time to begin the second second pass on Dog Country. … You read that right. The first second pass, which went fairly well, felt a little too light. So, I need a second second pass, this time with some handy feedback from friends. So that is lined up to eat up the majority of my June, but what happened in May?

A lot of planning and idea exploring, for personal projects, shared projects, and hopefully a contracted project. Also a day trip to Confuzzled! (Furry convention in Birmingham, AKA ‘CFz’.)

Confuzzled was good, met some people I haven’t seen in ages, attended a few panels, got to stare at a gazillion people in fursuits. Mainly, though, it’s made me look forward to attending LonCon 3 and Eurofurence in a few months!

I can also report that the 1920s are a crazy period of history, parasites are really creepy and if you do research on them you will lose your appetite for a day or two, Godzilla was a nifty movie, had a couple of little anniversaries to mark (one month on from Pavlov’s House being published was one of them!), Storium is a nifty RPG platform but eats up a little too much of my creative headspace, and finally that according to the dentist my teeth are pretty much okay.

Which is great, because I need to sink them into my next draft.