Since last we spoke, gentle listener:

The weekly Askazi Myths page update has appeared.

That Fox And Otter Duo have produced another episode of Unsheathed, in which they get the mysterious Kit ‘Techwolf’ Silver to talk a LOT more than usual.

I have recieved two rejections, gotten someone’s manuscript back to them with a whole mess of nasty feedback, and written (experimentally) my very own Red Riding Hood Revamp. Which is probably going to remain an unseen experiment, unless I decide it’s worth trying to sell Yet Another Red Riding Hood Revamp. (There are billions of these. Billions.) Furthermore I am preparing myself psychologically to write another flock of stories and try to figure out how to attack a partial rewrite for an older piece.

Also, I was minding my own business on the pavement whilst a red double decker London bus, sporting ‘L’ plates, barrelled past at several fractions of Mach One.

Can’t we just put the learner drivers back into their mom’s sedan? Please?