So, yes. Time to shamelessly shill myself and ask all of you to do things for me.

It’s awards nomination time, and though I’d absolutely love a Hugo, I don’t know that I quite run in that crowd (and it’s quite a big crowd). But I would like to call your attention to the Furry Fandom’s equivalent, the Ursa Major Awards. I was honored with a win for Dangerous Jade a few years ago, and I’d really like to see if a more recent work — my short story, Pavlov’s House — has what it takes.

Pavlov’s House, if you haven’t met it, is set in the same universe as Dangerous Jade, but deals with those war dogs of mine, last seen starting a war in the story collection War Dog & Marginalized Populations. In it you meet Sokolai, one of Eschowitz and Scheuen’s brothers, who is having a hard time living with what happened during the Tajik revolution. It was published April last year by Strange Horizons, which was kind of a huge thing on a personal level. If you haven’t read it, you can take a look here, or listen to the podcast version here.

The Ursa Majors are, of course, the Furry Fandom’s home-grown awards, covering everything from games to books to comics. They work on a system where public nominations (which you, yes, YOU can contribute to) are followed a couple of months later by a public vote (ditto).

If you liked Pavlov’s House, please do consider nominating it over here, and otherwise do check out some of the great stuff that’s been recommended over the course of last year — there are always a couple of gems in there.