Orbital Decay (The Afterblight Chronicles)

A novella by Malcolm Cross

Before the Blight had a name – before the world died – there was a chance to stop the AB-Virus in its tracks. It almost worked.

Astronaut Alvin Burrows holds the key: a literal Pandora’s box full of infected lab mice. But time is running out, and even orbit isn’t far enough to escape the pandemic. Burrows’ and his crewmates’ families are caught in quarantines on the ground, the death toll is rising, and maddened gangs are beginning their rampage.

The International Space Station is a world all its own, two hundred and sixty miles above the Earth, circling the globe every ninety-two minutes, fifty-four seconds; a fragile metal shell in which six men and women are trapped in close confines for months at a time. And something more sinister than the plague is loose on Station. Something driving one of the astronauts to murder the crew, one by one…


A stand-alone tale set in Abaddon Books’ Afterblight Chronicles series. Get the first book in the series, The Culled, free here!

Orbital Decay is an e-book available directly from Rebellion Publishing, on Amazon Kindle (US), (UK), Kobo, and Google Books.

Orbital Decay appears in the anthology ‘Journal of the Plague Year’, available directly from Rebellion Publishing as an e-book, and on Amazon (US), (UK) in both print and electronically.