Hello! I’m Malcolm ‘foozzzball’ Cross, and I’m experimenting with turning my personal website into a blog. You probably already know me, thus how you found this, but if you don’t… I’m awesome.

So far I’ve posted a couple of bits of older fiction as ‘Ephemera and Vignettes’, and plan to get some of the novellas I’ve written for the web up sharpish.

If you hadn’t guessed based on the adult warning when you got here, I write quite a bit of erotica, some of which you can find below. There may even be erotic pictures at some point on this very website! Gasp! For now, if you are entirely driven to view pornography, why not follow the ‘buy my stuff’ link on the sidebar? The illustrations that go along with my stories in Heat #6 and Heat #8 are pretty steamy.

In other recent news I went to stare at old bits of rock in the British Museum, racked up another three story rejections in the past week (one of them’s going to sell eventually!) and totally enjoyed yesterday’s Askazi Myths update.