Another week with comparatively little to report. I got some writing done on my novel, the Pirate’s Beard, and had a bit of computer upheaval, and, OH MAN, IS DANGEROUS JADE LEGITIMATELY ON SALE NOW?

YES IT IS. (According to the thing about the dates. The site will hopefully be updated soon.)

Also someone reviewed Dangerous Jade! Hooray!

This is fantastic. So, y’know. You should totally go and buy yourself a copy of Dangerous Jade.

Meanwhile I am reading a book called ‘Creator’ by Jeremy Leven, introduced to me courtesy one fox who shall remain otherwise nameless, and thusfar it’s dirty and it’s hilarious and it’s probably one of the few books I’ve really enjoyed reading lately. (Far too much has been research/checking that my material’s not too similar to other published stuff, etcetera.)

Meanwhile I suspect computer upheavals will continue for awhile, and that always does my head in, but hopefully most of it is resolved.