On our plate this week, we discover:

  • The first review for Dangerous Jade, although it has spoilers. (You’re safe if you’ve already read the first chapter’s preview, however.)
  • They had pretty nifty steam engines in 1750, however I will be branded a steampunk for including just one in my novel.
  • I have finished off my miserable short story which I was kvetching about last week.
  • I’ve gotten a toehold onto the next scene of my novel, The Pirate’s Beard/Brocade Goat.
  • It’s really hilarious when you base not characters on your friends, but collossal airships, instead.

Coming up soon, Dangerous Jade will properly be on sale, hopefully another review or two, and a bit more good news out of the mineface where I continue to toil in the hopes of finding a book.

Also, I think I need more sleep. @.@