So, apparently, making notes is helpful. How do I know this? I have gone so far as to add ‘made notes’ to my work records two days in a row. And it has been helpful.

What my technique seems to be, and it’s rather astonishing to me that I am developing a technique, is to outline. But not the whole story, no. The next scene-and-a-bit with a few other scattered notes appears in square brackets at the end of my manuscript, and somehow the writing of this short term, very flexible little outline helps immensely.

Not a perfect help, mind you, since I’ve been forced (forced? Just thought it was smart) to cut out a fairly large chunk of what I’d written early in the week, since I’d made a bit of a wrong turn with the scene in question. Boo. :(

But now I have a new scene and I finished off the chapter. Yay. :)

And, I’ve been writing some Askazi for ‘fun’. A strange thing, when writing’s my profession, right? It seems somehow obscene…